Providing Gentle, Effective Care for Your Beloved Animal

Veterinary chiropractic care in Pembroke, Massachusetts

Chiropractic care and treatment for animals is seen as a niche practice area of chiropractic care, but it deserves to be more well-known. Like humans, animals experience pain and injuries throughout their lifetime. Plenty of active animals, like dogs and horse, often need chiropractic care because of prolonged activity. Whether it’s due to recreational activity or because of certain purpose (i.e. horseracing), caretakers should have their animals checked by a chiropractor when recommended.

Bryantville Family Chiropractic offers chiropractic treatment for animals in Pembroke, Massachusetts. For the past 35+ years, our clinic has been a trusted choice for individuals and their animals.

As with any treatment of this nature, a proper diagnosis of the condition is made (by a licensed veterinarian). Then, the appropriate alternative form of treatment and therapy is given by our licensed veterinary chiropractor. Forms of treatment range, and are hyper-specific to the type of animal, their size and shape, and to their pain or injury.

The professionals at Bryantville Chiropractic Care are committed to providing gentle, efficient care for all of our patients. Our welcoming, friendly environment helps all of our animal patients easily adjust to what is happening.

Your friend shouldn’t have to deal with pain or injury any longer. Call our animal chiropractic center in Pembroke, MA today at (781) 294-1641 to discuss options for care.